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Ownership of Madame
„Be there on time and don’t you dare to look at your Madame!“ was the text message sissy received. This was enough to send shivers along her spine. She couldn't concentrate on her business any more. T...
My xHamster Journey: Chapter 1
The following is the first chapter in a true story. When I came across xHamster in June of 2012, it offered me an experience far more engaging than a typical pornographic website. As an exhibitionis...
The Rugby Club
It was something I, who had lived in the town for years, was completely unaware of. I knew there was a Rugby club in town of course, and that they had a club house, but I didn't know about the annual...
My dear wife used to tell me all about her teenage years and how she had sexy fun Without getting a proper fucking till we were married though she had a few close calls. She told me about her ex boyfr...
My first Craigslist tranny experience
So I had been curious for quite sometime and getting bored with my long term girlfriend a few years back. Knowing I could get women I figured if I’m going to pay for sex, let me check craigslist for a...
how i lost it
was 19yr when I lost my v card. She was 28yr plump but had good personality and was kinda interior at the motorcycle dealership I was services managing. I'm quit sure she fancied me but you know I was...
MILF forced to watch daughter get fucked
This is hardcore fantasy. This story belongs in fantasy mind only. It is fantasy never to be real. It's only a fantasy story completely for the mind only. Meaning don't ever really hurt people!! Pro...
The Couple Next Door
Story 12 The Couple Next Door I am a white girl in my teens, and have nice long shapely legs, blonde hair down to my waist, a tiny bottom, and a cute little face. ( or so I'm told ) I recently moved...
Already told you about Helena RIP who left this earth from stomach cancer twenty years ago. I can truthfully say she was the only true nymphomaniac I fucked in my life. Like the old Martini ad ery she...
She May Be a 4 but She Fucks Like a 10
1. I've always had a weakness for a certain kind of girl. I know; as a guy, if the situation is right, I could conceivably find myself attracted to any type of girl. At least, within reason. But in '...
The camping Trip - Part 1
With the weather getting warmer, M and I decided to go for a long weekend of camping on the coast. We decide on a secluded camping ground in the National Park on the bay and pack for two nights. With...
An Anonymous Relationship - 1
This is a story that I started to publish earlier but never finished. If you are easily offend by Taboo stories please move on. If you would like a story that has sex in it please read on. [ima...
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