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Histórias de sexo grátis

Mother's Affair
I was a very normal 15 year old male hormone factory in high school. I was just beginning to really explore sex. During my early teens, my friends and I would sneak peeks at Playboy or porno pictures...
This is the second of the two stolen chapters of a seven part series. I am reprinting it and I then intend to post the final five parts showing all seven chapters with their true authorship.
My early sex life with men
Playing Doctors and Nurses with family members evokes those first moments when sexual feelings creep into you loins, by the time my brothers fingers touch me, my panties were soaked with what could on...
Das Lost Paradise in Vietnam III
Vorwort und Hinweise:

Gemäß geltender Gesetzte weise ich darauf hin, dass dies eine erfundene Geschichte ist. Jegliche Personen sind frei erfunden und bei ihren Handlungen volljährig. Zufällig...
My stepmother was a real bitch so much of a bitch that my dad went and left her the bad thing was he forgot to take me with him and now I was stuck with her and she didn't like me! She was a hard look...
Spanish holiday in Tenerific !!!
I was in high school and just turned sixteen years old. I was studying hard for my O levels, and had said to Mum at Christmas that I was finding it a strain doing four subjects and was worried about m...
A Tale of two Dex's.
Scooby and Scoobadex entered the room "Are you sure about this Dad?" Scoobadex asked while he looked around, It was a nice place indeed, kind of messy but good none-the-less.
"The signal came from he...
My Black Alpha Bull Master GOD and Owner takes pos
Master and I had been talking for some time on the internet getting acquainted. He said he was straight but said he wanted to try it with a male bitch at least once and that he had some Gay and Bi Bla...
The widow and the horse
She was only 33 years old and had only three years of marriage when her husband died in an agricultural tractor coup as he moved his goods to the market. They did not have c***dren for a women's probl...
Schwules Internat 08-16
Dritter Versuch es einzustellen.
Jetzt wurde Toni hellwach „hab ich richtig gehört, ich darf vielleicht studieren, das hast Du mir noch gar nicht gesagt“ rief er aufgeregt.
„Du hattest ja auch...
Schwanzgeile junge Sau lässt sich im Asylantenheim
[image class="blog-image align-center large"]168368811[/image]Ich konnte es mir nicht verkneifen nachdem ich das hier gelesen habe es selbst zu probieren. Ich bin Gestern später am Abend zu den Flücht...
Cuckolding and loosing my job -continued (part 5)
So it's been about two weeks since I last updated the happening of my stay in this upstate New York motel, and boy what a crazy great and horrible week it's been. But I should continue from whe...
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