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Histórias de sexo grátis

First Time Swallow It Bitch Gay
I stood naked beside the bed. My hard cock jutted straight out from my body betraying my excitement.
"I have never done this before," I said softly.
"But it excites you doesn't it?"
"I gues...
Skys the Limit Ch. 01
Reginald Hutchins watched his daughter throw her bag over her shoulder then locked the front door. He made a movement towards her with the intention of relieving her of the heavy load but she shook he...
One Taste turned me Gay PT3
I left the store and headed home to get ready. Ron and Renee were going to pick me up at 7 to take me to Frank's place. I stripped and decided to give myself an enema. I wanted to be real clean for my...
One Taste turned me Gay PT2
I told the story of how I sucked my first cock. Part 2 relates how I moved very quickly to find out what being a real bisexual meant by getting fucked by a man. I just had to know what it felt like to...
One Taste turned me Gay
I had always considered myself open minded about sex, but was also a committed heterosexual male. That all changed one night. I was with a couple I had been with before. We had enjoyed several evening...
"Dude, I'm not Gay," Gay
I was just your average freshman in college. I was trying to get pussy, beer, and smoke weed. I ended up getting fucked in my pussy. That's what master tells me to call it at least. I didn't think I w...
Hoiday in France Wifes Story
She and her brother had after Madges' intervention and instruction been fucking since the weekend her parents when to a wedding leaving Madge in charge.
Madge moved out soon after and left the k**s ...
Cocksucker available 24/7 PT3 Gay
Once out of the shower, feeling refreshed, but still craving it (black cock and cum becoming one) so much, that without thinking of the consequences I found the number from last night in my pocket, ty...
Cocksucker available 24/7 Gay
I put my phone in my pocket, and walked into room 441.
I closed the door and paused.
Was I really doing this?
"Hurry up, cocksucker," he demanded, as I heard shooting as he was playing cal...
Now a Married Slut Wife
My name is Susan. Like many women, I'm bored with my marriage Don't get me wrong, my husband is a wonderful man and I still consider myself very much in love with him. But like most men, he's under a ...
Hotwife Sophia's breakthrough cuck session
Sophia was not very impressed with the first “private” session we had with her first bull in the hotel during our first experience. However, we both felt that it was more fun to do it in a hotel bed, ...
Your Girls Sexcapades - Sports Bar
The Sports Bar
"Where do you want to go for dinner? I'm sick of what we have here. Let's go out." She said to you.
"I don't care..wanna just go to the bar and get some pizza and wings?" You as...
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