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Histórias de sexo grátis

Hardcore sex chat with Girlfriend.
This is fantasy depiction of a sex chat with my girlfriend. My girlfriend is pretty sex crazed when it comes to these types of chats. Here goes. She is S Me is M S: I love you so much. M: Me too, a...
jaleous mom
She always look at me with her cute smile First time i met her, I had just cum in her daughter mouth on our way to the dinner feeding my 7 unc to her cute girl, teaching her to give good bjs after s...
My first time. A true story.
It wasn’t romantic, but it was amazing. It wasn’t long, but it was life changing. For years I had fantasies about sucking cock. Even when I was very young, I found cock beautiful, sexual and allurin...
Her first time
This story will be about my now ex wife's losing her virginity. I won't get into too much detail about how we met or anything, just about her first time. We had been dating, if you want to call it th...
Another breeding conference
White wife, 45EE-36-45 gave birth to her twins when she was 55 and 4 months of age, all went well, two young (18 & 19 year old) boys each fathered one of the fraternal twins. It's now 11 months la...
The Nylon Godess and more
The continuing nylon fetish adventures of a young boy as he grows into teendom. If you're not into nylons, this story will likely not interest you. This story also contains some i*****l activities...
Slut Mom can't get enough
I was raised is a very religious family, I had never had sex until College when one night at a party I was drunk ended up in a bedroom at a party with this guy, he Fucked me and it was all down hill a...
Porn Top 10: Bukkake Edition
Things may get sticky in this Porn Top 10, as we take a look at the bukkake genre. A disclaimer: I love the idea of the genre but I often don't like the execution, it is often too grungy, too gross, b...
The Unfaithful Part – 2
Nandita was in a deep sleep, lost in the wonderful memories of h...
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