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Hubby films his tatted wife with BBC

Publicado por stillatit50 há 9 meses

Husband films his hot blonde wife taking BBC all over the house.

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Jachthund há 1 mês
She is hot!
nycprofessional há 2 meses
Would be great if the husband would remain quiet and stay out of the action.
lisa-an há 2 meses
nice xx
bihubby4black há 5 meses
mmm love their passion!
dan38tx há 8 meses
Watching this video with my girlfriend she stated you know when she’s fallling for his cock when she grabs him and locks his lips and rubs his head, body and ass. Her head motions gave all those impressions his cock was heaven for her
smithvagi há 9 meses
Please pm me her name.
smithvagi há 9 meses
Please pm me her name.
smithvagi há 9 meses
Please pm me her name.
RPPEC há 9 meses
you can! it's very possible.....just plugin to your local area swinger lifestyle community.... if you can perform well, and treat the husband as the woman asks you to, depending, each couple is a little different,  word gets around that scene very fast and you'll start getting invited to the events....then you're in....eventually you'll have a stable of ur regulars... older insatiable horny wives who will ask you to regularly come in to fulfill her needs...
em resposta a bigfella1313 (Mostrar o comentário)
bigfella1313 há 9 meses
Fuck... That shit is HOT.  I wish I could be somebody's bull like this... sigh.  
smallpack há 9 meses
This is just plain and simply something all white couples should do. Adding black cock to a marriage so that wives can be fully satisfied should be a requirement for white marriages. I wish it were more open. My wife has fucked black cock for 9 years now and we love it.
gunter56 há 9 meses
they have hot chemistry :)
lovingse há 9 meses
تعتبر مجامعة الزوجة لرجل غريب من اصعب المحن التي تمر على الانثى ويجب على الزوج الوقوف بجانب زوجته في مثل هذه الظروف
Lucian25 há 9 meses
i wannt a wife like this
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