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Screaming wife gets BBC pornstar shoot courtesy of hubby

Publicado por há 5 anos
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aerosniff há 10 dias
Like all Jewish girls: a whore, nothing more. 
GHOF-GayCuck há 1 mês
The first time I watched my wife with BBC the sounds of her pleasure were amazing1
madmaxxx22 há 2 meses
when my gf sees a cock like that she gets so hot and horny and wants to see if she could take a cock that big but is afraid of not being able to and changes her mind
aafiyagirl há 2 meses
LordDionysius há 5 meses
Sounds like hubby had second thoughts at the beginning, that's why the bad camera job.
Dane_Celeb há 6 meses
Mhhh love your wife´s screaming
bennyfinger há 8 meses
AGoodBoy há 8 meses
Hot and so sexy!!
osukaa2 há 8 meses
hell YEAH
funchar há 1 ano
Suck me
denmarkcouple há 1 ano
Give me that.!!
firball5 há 1 ano
I would love to have her as my woman and I would make sure this would not be the last time she got his black cock. Excellent video!
princessMaria há 1 ano
great video
MyWhiteTeens há 2 anos
She got the fuck of her life, hubby lost her for good
doogaldog há 2 anos
Love every fucking scream as she is clearly enjoying the pleasure of his cock so wish it was me fucking her though!
lee1254 há 2 anos
the good wife
andydagod há 2 anos
after this she did a gang bang with black guys. it's on the internet somewhere and he bf is not in the video at all. lol
dcthuginasuit há 2 anos
She ain't NEVA going back!!
sebsalope há 2 anos
I want to see my slut wife in this position!
wht4blk há 2 anos
School is in session and has one star student
wht4blk há 2 anos
You can tell he is up in her uncharted territory, places no wht man has been b4
Her new experience is a game changer, with the start of a new exciting lifestyle, one that will or will not include her current husband, it will be his choice to stay
hikawade há 2 anos
So hot, she hears about his doubts and just keeps on fucking
chanwon há 3 anos
An otherwise awesome video ruined by shit camera work.
followyourheart há 3 anos
I asked my wife if she thinks that woman has ever experienced anything more sensational that this black bull and she said "I don't think so!" Then I told her, her hubby hasn't experienced anything as sensational as watching his wife getting fucked either!
otherlover4u há 3 anos
Something tells me these two aren't together any more after this video. Once she got fucked by a real cock, I can't imagine she wanted to go back. Her boyfriend just watched her be the total slut she always wants to be but knows her bf is a prude. I've been there done that
jonggu há 3 anos
nice hot
john1970 há 3 anos
Having second thoughts you dam right you are with a dick that small you seen the look on her face when you came up with that bullshit she was saying right mother fucker Im not having second thoughts at all Im loving this huge meat. Opened up pandoras box no turning back now even if you say no shes gonna get those big dicks.
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Anúncios pela TrafficStars
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